Mr Stereo Steve

Born on 3 november 1984

Band member since 1996, but the band just didn’t realized it till 2015.

Lives at 75 minutes (and counting) of the rehearsal studio. Nonetheless, he still loves the job.

He believes the passengers seat foot space of his car was meant as a trash bin.

Hates technicians who claim that the in-ear mix he’s getting is stereo while it is not!!! :-P

He’s kind of a freak/nerd when it comes to the correct sound, but hey, an audience is critical!

Eats loads, and loads, …….. and loads. Hopes to beat Mr. PH Morris at the annual meat eating contest!

He doesn’t know why this biography is written in english? Man man, doe toch eens normaal…?:)
Yamaha Motif XS6 - Yamaha CP4 - Nord Electro 4 - Access Virus TI2
Stands: On his two feet most of the time

Other stands: Ultimate Apex 48 en goedkope brol van musicstore